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It is an oft quoted cliche- the only thing certain is that nothing wil remain the same and that change is the only permanent phenomenon. Whilst mankind has made rapid strides to overcome multiple challanges it has faced over time, it has not proven to be enough for large parts of our population. We provide education for different countries, which is recomended by everyone and also having the best reputation, Click here to check our best collages.

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We are committed to helping the nation in building a strong future through providing good educational services that will help them individually and to the country at large. The Bhutan Gangchen Education Consultancy and Placement Firm is established with the sole purpose of giving opportunity to our aspiring youths who wish to upgrade their studies.

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Our Universities
Centurian University

From the inception, Centurion University's DNA has been �Shaping lives and empowering communities�. The University has focused on �hands-on�, �experience based�, �practice oriented� learning that makes a difference through appropriate and relevant innovation and action research.

The Gordon

The Gordon Institute of TAFE is one of the largest regional TAFEs in Victoria and has been helping people gain real skills for real jobs for over 130 years


The University campus is spread on a built-up area of 54,000 sq.ft. with all modern facilities. The entire campus is wi-fi enabled.